Monday, July 19, 2010

Whats coming up

Greetings from Mark and Richard!
We have some recordings coming up from the following conferences - we are just finalizing music and checking bandwidth from Libsyn. We'll be releasing content from the following conferences:
  • Citcon ANZ 2010 - Continuous Integration and Testing conference. Citcon was organised like a true unconference, hours of discussion went in before the talks even started about what talks should be held, which should be together and when they were held. The talks were mostly discussions with an occasional face-forward talk (e.g. Beekeeping and CI in the cloud)
  • Barcamp Auckland 2010 - Barcamp Auckland works like a community organised face-forward style conference with lots of juicy content. Unfortunately only Mark was able to be there so we have four sessions for you on NoSQL, Mobile development and more!

Check back soon!